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Monthly Shakuhachi Workshops 2024

Third Sunday of each month 12:30-14:00 (AEST)


The focus of these workshops is less about how to play specific honkyoku, and more about how to practice by refining physical awareness and movement, sound control, and the mind's ear. We will concentrate on one point at a time, some of which will include:

- Developing better playing posture, finger movement, and breathing
- Holding the shakuhachi more easily
- Playing kan notes more cleanly and with less tension
- Working on dynamics and tone
- Improving tuning and pitch intonation
- Recognising adverse habits, and finding better ways to use your body

The workshops are progressive, but many practice methods require reiteration and repetition, so you can dip in and out on a month to month basis.

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Shakuhachi Lesson in Melbourne

Lindsay also offers private shakuhachi lessons in Melbourne, Australia. Online lessons are also possible (Zoom or Skype). For lessons, instruments, and learning materials, get in contact.

Previous events

Performances and Workshops

Katsuya Yokoyama's Shugyōjō

Online Shakuhachi Workshop Series, Apr-Sept 2020

The final session in 'Katsuya Yokoyama's Shugyōjō (Training Notes) Online Workshop Series' is happening on September 27 2020, with Kaori Kakizakai teaching Sanya ​山谷. 


There will also be a prep workshop for Sanya on September 20.

Once a month, from April to September 2020, guest teachers from the KSK are invited to share their knowledge and experience. The series will focus on nine themes on shakuhachi training from Katsuya Yokoyama's book, Take to Ikiru (Life of Bamboo). Lindsay Dugan will be co-teaching and translating.

Lindsay Dugan



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