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For those interested in learning, I offer regular shakuhachi lessons in Melbourne CBD.


I primarily teach koten honkyoku belonging to Katsuya Yokoyama's lineage, which is sometimes referred to as dokyoku. I also teach Kinkoryu honkyoku and gaikyoku (traditional ensemble music for voice, shamisen, koto, and shakuhachi).


Online lessons are also an option. Along with professional quality audio equipment, I use multiple cameras so that you can view the instrument and my hands close up. This makes it very easy to see fingerings and techniques. Zoom is my preference, but Skype is also possible. 

For beginners, all learning materials are provided to get you producing sound, learning to read traditional notation, and playing folk tunes. Even those with little or no musical experience can generally get up and running in a short time. Instruments for beginners are also available for purchase at a reasonable price.

For intermediate to advanced students, scores are readily available.

If you are interested in lessons, contact me.

Lindsay Dugan



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